Friends of Aesthetic Realism
       Countering the Lies
“It’s a lie, and not a well told one at that.
  It grins out like a copper dollar.”

                  —Abraham Lincoln

A Note on Aesthetic Realism Consultations; or, More Weirdness from an Attacker of Aesthetic Realism

One of the truly weird things in this world (putting aside for a moment the sheer deceit in it) is: a) to act as though tapes and transcripts of Aesthetic Realism consultations are difficult to come by; b) then to post some version of a transcript, selected and arranged in keeping with the purposes of the attacker; c) and to present this item as a great (and devastating) discovery.

     Every Aesthetic Realism consultation is recorded, and the recording is given to the person having the consultation. That, by the way, would include the consultation(s) the attacker says he himself had, though what he posts is not his own consultation. Thousands of tapes of Aesthetic Realism consultations exist throughout America. Excerpts of consultations have been presented for three decades in public seminars, and have been published, not only in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, but in other American periodicals.

     To find out what Aesthetic Realism consultations, with their logic and kindness, really are, here is a link:

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